Monday, 15 February 2016


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There are furniture solutions that arise from ideas, imagination, the desire to innovate.
Space, colors, combinations, solutions.

The quality of materials, the choice of an environmentally sustainable product, the most advanced technologies.
From the elegance of  “ I GESSATI “  to  “ SUPER MATT LACQUERED “, from the naturalness of  “ WATER PAINTS “ toNANOTECHNOLOGY “.
From the refinement of OAK wood to the tactile majesty of  OLIVE wood.

From the purity of DESIGN to the completely ON DEMAND.


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A totally ON DEMAND offer

A totally ON DEMAND offer, characterized by innovative solutions, high quality of materials used, extreme personalization, rigorous use of products with low environmental impact and excellence for the health of users, fireproof and water paint.

MAZZALI grandi armadi

From the offices of CABASSI, a leader company  in the decoration, to the LA STECCA,  university residence of IMT Alti Studi in Lucca; from CASA VANZO, extra hotel accommodation owned by Foundation IRPEA in Padua, to the executive offices of the OPEM and MAGNANI companies. From COLLEONI Boutique and IDEA DONNA  hair salon to the presidential office of the Aspen Institute in Rome.

ON DEMAND solutions, capable of responding to the particular and peculiar needs of those looking for a totally customized product.

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

I GRANDI ARMADI, the renaissance of the wardrobes.

Mazzali I grandi armadi

It is the rebirth of a historic brand of italian furniture industry .

I GRANDI ARMADI “ is the renaissance of a historic italian brand, synonym of high quality wardrobes.

In the 14th Century, the world saw a revival of culture and learning, when old ideas were refined by innovative minds, ushering in new ways of thinking. It was the Renaissance, and it's what we're about.

I GRANDI ARMADI is now the renaissance of the wardrobes.

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" #igrandiarmadi : 
there are wardrobes and there are THE BIG WARDROBES.
Mazzali, just BIG WARDROBES. "

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

7 questions 7, about closet.

 7 questions 7, about closet.

Are the doors  in honeycomb with solid wood frame ?

Is the structure in honeycomb with solid wood  frame?

Is it painted completely with water paint

Is it painted  with a certified for food paint ?

Is the structure painted  internally with a zero emissions  paint  and certified  for toys ?

Is  it painted  with  Antibacterial Silver Ions ?

Can I tailor-make ?
If you answered 7 YES
it is a MAZZALI wardrobe.
Now with AQUA, the matt lacquered water finish.


Monday, 22 June 2015

экологию Детская мебель Коллекция

Очень яркий идеальный выбор для современных экологию Детская мебель Коллекция от Mazzali

Eco Friendly Kids and Teenagers Furniture Collection by Mazzali

Children’s room needs to have a bed or bunk bed, storage cabinets for accessories and random stuff, cupboards and a seating arrangement. The furniture planning for kids’ room has to be extensive and detailed, as they require a lot of space to move freely in their abode. Involving kids in deciding the kind of furniture that is suitable for their room is a good idea. Children, who are a little old, can come up with their own innovative and practicable ideas, and their furniture can be customized accordingly. So, make is a point to involve your kids. If you are looking for eco friendly furniture for your children or teenagers bedrooms then Mazzali’s products could become a cool choice for you. Its PLAY UP collection consists of beds, wardrobes, study desks and other furniture usual for kids and teenagers room.

All items are made of ecological material and have only water-based paint finishes, so Mazzali not only offers beautiful furniture but also care of consumer’s health. There are as very bright bedroom furniture sets, which attract by their freshness as charming ones painted in delicate colors. They are amazingly accompanied by a lot of cool decorative elements like colorful hearts and mirror letters. You could also find beds and spacious wardrobes for teenagers in more strict style. Study desks are presented in several versions, but all of them distinguish by modern designs and provide comfortable working.